Jean Bouin stadium gets a new look!
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Jean Bouin stadium gets a new look!

90 years after its official opening, Jean Bouin stadium gets a new look in 2013!


The new building located in the heart of Paris, was redesign by architect Rudy Ricciotti and the reconstruction under the direction of Leon Grosse. The company had the benefit of SADEV's expertise in order to deal with the technical and temporal contraints.


The refreshed stadium does not go unnoticed in the Parisian landscape, and for a legitime reason: its atypical architecture and its technological prowess. The building enveloppe was completely renovated and the roof covered with 3543 panels composed of ultra high performance fiber concrete. The cover combining concrete and glass, rests on a steel structure and the connection between them is made by a special metal part supplied by SADEV.


Based on a swivel fitting of the standard range, a special mechanical part for the building was conceived: the connecting rod. For every panel of the roof, three connecting rods were settled. They are subjected to variable pressure related to the height and have to answer the traction amounting to several tons. Trials were led with various configurations of efforts with the aim of obtaining valid performances and guarantee the solidity and the reliability of the system.

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