Spiders S3001 EVO & S3101 EVO
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Spiders S3001 EVO & S3101 EVO

S3001 and S3101 spiders won’t be available anymore. These spiders have been replaced by the S3001 EVO and S3101 EVO.


The S3001 EVO and S3101 EVO are the result of a renewed relationship with our architect and designer Cesare Monti. These models are registered worldwide, which ensures you to benefit from a unique product.


We have optimized the mechanical performances of the S3001 and S3101 and added an aesthetic enhancement, which reflects both the Sadev expertise and Cesare Monti creativity.


Please consider that technical differences exist between the S3101 and S3101 EVO: the shape and the size of the plate are different.


The standard finish is also different: S3001 EVO and S3101 EVO are brushed and electro polished, which enables a perfect Finish.

These spiders are within technical opinion delivered by the CSTB.
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S3001 EVO


S3101 EVO

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