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Glass Balustrade : Presentation
Introduction to the glass railing system
Introduction to the glass railing system
Product description :

Glass balustrade,

an appropriate solution for your projects


A total transparency for your ideas


The glass balustrade is a trendy and popular product, which issuitable for a multitude of applications. The glazed balustrades are used to secure a balcony, a terrace of a house, as well as staircases or stadium stands.


In its search for constant innovation, Sadev has developed a line of transparent glass railing solutions. We have the technical and aesthetic solution for all your glass balustrade projects.


The Sadev railing systems have been developed to meet the most even stringent legislation. They have all been tested and several are covered by the french Avis Technique. For more information about Avis technique or tests, please refer to our sections Tests reports or technical assessment following the link.


Glass fence : type of application



For the installation of your glass balustrade, Sadev is able tooffer you a large choici of systems. The surface where the balustrade will be installed will also affect the choice of solution, the type of installation and finally as well as the type of application. It’s determined by the external loads (ELS) and the areas where the glass railing is installed.

  • Glass railing in residential areas


According to BS EN:6180:2011, the glass banister can be installed in A&B Areas, like private houses, residential areas, or offices for example. the design loads are 0.22 / 0.36 kN/m.


  • Glass balustrade in public areas


Tested for C3 Areas, this kind of balustrade are authorized for high traffic areas, like school, train station, airport, or shops for example.


  • Glass railing for stadium


With a design loads of 1,5 kN/m, it’s authorized in C1, C2, C5 and D areas.


Regulatory context



Frecnh Avis Technique


The Avis Technique is the ultimate validation on the French market, certifying a level of quality in the proper use on the project. The document issued by the CSTB expresses approval (based on the French regulatory requirements) by a specialized French group. It concerns the suitability of a product or system to bu used i construction.


British standard


In several countries incluted the United Kingdom, a code of practise (BS EN 6180:2011) defines the requirements of a balustrade system that is used for the production and guidance of persons.

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