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What is point supported glass system ?
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What is point supported glass system ?

Structural bolted Glass system (SBG)


Point fixed architectural glass is drilled and directly fixed on a bearing structure with metal mechanical fittings, tightening plates, fastening screws crossing (or not) glass.

These are taken up by articulated rotules or fixed bolts. The Point supported glass system (PSG) enables to absorb tension stresses due to:


  • Wind and/or snow
  • Differential movements between the glass and the structure
  • Dead load

According to your architectural style, the glass panel can be supported by different type of structure: steel frame, stainless steel cable structure, glass beam, structure integrating glass fins...

This concept allows you to build design, modern and transparent projects with sober, high-performance and resistant products.


SADEV can help you to choose the right fittings according to your project:

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