Solar Decathlon: the french team won the competition !
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Solar Decathlon: the french team won the competition !

The Rhône-Alpes team wins the international competition Solar Decathlon 2012 in Madrid!


After two week of hard work and competition between student teams coming from many countries, the french team finaly won the 2012 Solar Decathlon, an international solar architectural competition.
The team remained first from the first stage of the competition and this is a great reward from this team of french students coming from the East of France.


Canopea® : A well-like innovative project

Between the 18 prototypes showed at the Villa Solar competition place in Madrid, the french one was the most inventive and complex according to the jury.

The idea of this project was to combine individual wellbeing and housing on a geographical limited area as the alpine cities can be. Canopea gathers small buildings integrated in a district. Each level is composed of an individual appartment.

The Canopea team was the only one introducing a collective urban project. The Rhöne-Alpes team managed to rebuild the last 2 levels of a "Home-Tower" composed of a an accomodation and a shared space.


This was a successful choice as the team was rewarded for "Architecture", "Comfort", "House functioning" and "Innovation".


SADEV is proud to be part of this adventure and was happy to help these students by supplying with interior design fittings for the prototype.



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