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R 1008

Swivel fitting - rotule - for structural bolted glass - countersunk head - flush with glass - blind mounting - technical evaluation - seismic option


Blind mounting in countersunk drilling

  • Application: Double Skin Façade, glass curved facade, point fixed facade, curtain wall, solar shading, glass elevator, awnings, canopies, etc. (to be avoided in the suspended version)
  • Tested and certified by technical evaluation (test report)
  • Countersunk drilling
  • Validated all seismic zones
  • Several diameters and axis lengths available
  • High mechanical performance
  • 20° deflection + or – 20°
  • Absorption of stresses and deformations of the glazing, therefore no stresses in the glass.
  • Blind mounting: installation from the outside (no access to the structure) or standard mounting
  • Customisation of finishes possible (colour, treatment, dimensions, etc.).
  • Swivel system with backlash recovery
  • Glass: mounting on laminated or monolithic glass
Product code R1008
* Contact us for more information on certifications in your country
Machined stainless steel
Stainless steel AISI 316
Dimensions / Type
* Tailored products and solutions on demand

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Flush swivel fitting, countersunk head. Installation from the outside.

Blind access (installation from the outside, no access to the structure).
This product is adapted for façade or glass roof projects (no suspended ceiling).
Standard installation, tightening from the outside. Standard threaded is Ø 14 and 65 mm long.
M12 and M16 on request.
Tailor made threaded lengths possible if your projects’ constraints requires it.

Technical evaluation available for R1008.



Suggested mounting instruction

Mount nut N° 6 and washer N° 7 onto parts N° 1/2.
Insert the threaded axle into the support with spacer E ( available on request ), see technical page. Adjust the depth. Mount washer N° 7, lock washer N° 8 and nut N° 11. Tighten to 60 Nm ( 45 ft-lb ) using a 22 mm wrench. Apply contact washer N° 4 and glass nut N° 5 onto parts N° 1/2. Adjust to desired position. Mount the glass onto the assembly.
Thread on the countersunk bush N° 10 with grommet N° 3 onto parts N° 1/2.
Tighten to 20 Nm ( 15 ft-lb ) for monolithic glass and 10 Nm ( 7.5 ft-lb ) for laminated glass using SADEV catalog ref. 097581160 and ref. CLE-DYN-072031. The swivel fitting is maintained with a flat screw driver while fixing part N° 10. Glue in the cover cap N° 9 into the countersunk bush N° 10 using silicone.

SADEV recommends using thread locking compound whenever possible.

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