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Cylindrical glass connectors

Cylindrical corner joints for two pieces of glass or a wall and a glass to be joined together - angle adaptable to the building site


Various application: glass partition, entrance, reception desk, etc.
Easy to install: angle adjustment according to your needs

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Cylindrical glass connectors

Glass connectors can be used for glass partitions, in offices, for reception desks, glass reception area, conservatory, to hold the transom in place, etc.
You can also use them for shower boxes.

Cylindrical glass connectors will help you to connect glass panels or a wall to glass.
This solution allows you to adjust the angle according to your projects’ layout.

Design has been engineered to suit to any kind of architecture.
Interior application. For an outside application please ask for complementary information.

Various countersunk or cylindrical diameters available.
Standard glass thickness for these parts is 8 to 12 mm.