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ONE SIDE 2.0 : “The rediscovery of one side mounting”

Cale Image Test Sabco One Side 2.0 1000x660px

The ONE SIDE 2.0 wedge developed by SADEV allows assembly and adjustment only from the accessible side of the SABCO glass railing.
Our system has evolved for ever more technicality and ease of installation.




it fits!

  • Fast installation time: 10 to 15% less installation time than other products on the market.
  • The only self-adjusting system on the market, which allows the glass to be aligned in a very short time. Once the glass is in position an adjustment of + or – 15 mm (for 1 meter) is then possible.
  • Mechanical clamping precision: glass clamping is controlled = the assurance of a strong and durable system
  • Savings on equipment and staff: one person can carry out the entire assembly.
  • Glass maintenance: the SABCO and the wedges can be easily dismantled, which means that a glass can be replaced in case of damage.
  • Tested and validated.

Sabco One Side 2.0 Sadev


Easier and faster

Assembly in a few steps!

Watch this assembly video, all the steps are detailed.
You can also download the assembly instruction guide for more details.

​The 3 in 1 tool’s which has 3 functions (+1 ?)

en sabco glass balustrade garde corps verre one side2.0. tooljpg
sabco glass balustrade garde corps verre one side 2.0 wedges glass thickness control control du verre

1 – Check the thickness of your glass.
The “GO” and “NO-GO” notches allow you to check if the thickness of the glass fits the wedge.

sabco glass balustrade garde corps verre one side 2.0 wedges

2 – Put the wedges inside the rail.
The tool allows a quick and easy installation of the wedges: in 1 click!

sabco glass balustrade garde corps verre one side 2.0 wedges glass maintenance

3 – Remove the wedges.
Parts A and B are used to remove the wedges with ease.

+ These parts allow you to open your favorite drink ?

Rail Verre Image Sabco One Side 2.0 Sadev

Why using a SABCO glass balustrade?

SABCO glass balustrades are gaining in popularity due to their unobtrusive appearance while at the same time providing enhanced visual perspectives for occupants and spectators. Due to these advantages, it is becoming more common for glass balustrades to be utilized for balconies, terraces, staircases and stadiums…
Icone Assembly Website

Easy to install

Icone Performance Website

Protection performance

Icone Money Website

Saving costs

V2 Icone Customization Website

Product customization

« The new ONE SIDE 2.0 wedge is even easier to install! »

« They always have a solution for my projects! »

« Reactive and trustworthy, SADEV is a long time partner »

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