Our extensive knowledge of the glass railing market has enabled us to develop a product range dedicated to pool protection with a 100% transparent glass pool barrier. ​
Our technical and sales support will assist you in the realization of your pool projects, for new or renovation. ​
Our online quotation service available on this site allows you to send us your request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ​​

​Our strong points: 

  • Innovative solution on the market ​
  • High-end design and finish for affordable prices​
  • Customizable (led, powdercoat colors)​
  • Point or top rail options​
  • Easy installation, adjustable system​

Our area of expertise :​

  • Glass swimming pool barriers (SWIMSIDE): several solutions to be used as a glass swimming pool barrier or fence without posts, and dedicated to all types of pools. ​
    Our products comply with the building codes. ​
    Adjustable system according to your glass thickness (from 8mm to 17.52mm). ​
    Hinges, locks and handles designed for all-glass gates (compliant with code standards) with automatic closing, child safety. ​
    This solution allows you to maintain security around the pool without altering the field of vision. Different customization is possible such as the choice of colors or the addition of LEDs to offer custom solutions to your customers.​