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EDP validated

Our glass railing products SABCO and OSF have now been validated under the EPD


This new system is compact like its price! And easy to install with its ONE SIDE system.

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Building envelopes


Interior design

Swimming pool fences

Building envelopes


Interior design

Swimming pool fences

Building envelopes


Interior design

Swimming pool fences


Manufacture / engineering of your custom-made parts

SPEC definition – FEM calculs – Solution modeling – Machining / Casting / Extrusion – Prototyping Testing – On-site support

SADEV Architectural System

SADEV finds its origins as early as 1938 in the field of noble metal working. The company has evolved since then, 30 years ago, it has specialized in the field of point supported glass fixing and building envelope. It has now diversified its activities by developing a wide range of glass balustrades, interior fittings and glass swimming pool barriers.

Details of our solutions:

  • The building envelope (SADEV CLASSIC): for projects involving metal structures, glass canopies, spiders and rotules for glass facades, solar shades, point supported glass facades, double skin facades, curtain wall, glass elevator shafts, custom-made awnings and many others.
  • Glass balustrades (SABCO): our SABCO all-glass balustrade solutions are validated and certified (Komo, technical opinion, ABZ, BS…). These balustrades can be adapted to private projects (from 0.6 to 1KN) as well as porch or deck railing and public balustrades (from 1 to 3KN), and to high-traffic areas such as stadium stands (from 3 to 9KN). Our patented solutions are suitable for different installation configurations: on floor, on concrete acroterion, stair railing…
    The SABCO system can be installed on interior and exterior railings. It has been specially designed for high and curved glass (max. height 2.2m/ min. radius 1m).
    We have developed a wide range of accessories compatible with all guardrail profiles such as products for: handrail, screws, finishing cap, evacuation profile, lighting solution…
  • Interior fittings (SADEV DECOR): high performance doors (4m/1.5m – 500,000 cycles per year) and high durability resistant to many cycles, for reception hall and office doors, customizable with handles and locks. Our glass doors are available in sliding door or pivoting door versions.
    As well as aluminium rail solutions for partitioning glass spaces.
  • Glass swimming pool barriers (SWIMSIDE): We have developed two solutions to act as a glass swimming pool barrier or fence without posts, and dedicated to all types of pools or ponds :
    A glass clamp system adjustable according to your glass thickness (from 8mm to 17.52mm).
    A rail profile without spaces between the glass and the ground, for all types of applications.
    Different customizations are possible such as the choice of colors or the addition of LEDs to offer custom solutions to your customers.
    We also have hinges, locks and handles designed for all-glass doors with automatic closing, child safety, including adapted materials.

    These complete solutions comply with the regulations in force, they allow you to maintain security around the pool without altering the field of vision.

CONSTRUCT – Tailor-made parts for your projets

We manufacture your custom parts, using our engineering (in-house design office) and production (mechanical, casting capabilities).

Types of glasses
Our products can hold different types of glass: monolithic glass / laminated glass (tempered, hardened or annealed).

It can also be :

  • Decorative glass: sandblasted, lacquered, digitally printed, coloured, enamelled.
  • Photovoltaic glass.

These glasses can be assembled with different spacers: PVB, PVB DG41, PVB trosifol ES, EVA, Sentryglass.

Warning: our products are tested and validated according to certain loads, the choice of glass is important to allow them to respect their performances, please contact our technical teams.

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