The strength of our group Sadev, Colcom, Simonswerk: to offer you a complete range for interior design. ​
Our online estimate service available on this site allows you to send us your request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.​

Our strong points: 

  • Modular partition profile ​
  • A complete range of hinges and hydraulic hinges​
  • A wide choice of wall spacers and points fixing for various applications (glass cladding, reception desks, signage, etc.). ​
  • Large sliding doors​
  • Range of handle and magnetic locks with or without locking​
  • Supports for glass stairs​

Our areas of expertise : ​

  • Interior fittings (SADEV DECOR): We have various solutions dedicated to interior fittings, for glass pivoting and sliding doors, softclose and hydraulic hinge fixing, with zero point adjustment. High performance doors (4m/1.5m – 500,000 cycles per year) and high durability resistant to many cycles, for reception hall and office doors, customizable with handles and locks, dual door handle. ​
    Aluminum glazing bead systems for partitioning offices, shops or private homes.​
  • Glass balustrades (SABCO): We have a wide range of glass balustrades that perfectly adapt to interior solutions. The SABCO profile meets all your space requirements. This solution is 100% customizable with different finishes and accessories. Solutions for your space constraints (floor, railing, lateral, etc.). ​​
  • Glass swimming pool barriers (SWIMSIDE): our complete solution for the installation of glass swimming pool fencing and gates, allows you to secure all types of swimming pools, both private and public
  • Building envelope (SADEV CLASSIC): Solutions for awnings, canopies, glass roof, etc. ​​

Our products

We offer you products that meet your needs, tested in specialized test centers and laboratories, which comply with the code standards. We also take care to maintain competitive prices, adapted to the market.