Since its creation (1938), our company has put its technical know-how and sense of innovation toward the area of architecture. Thanks to this collaboration with you, our offerings are numerous. Our products and systems are used in the simplest and most complex architectures. Thanks to you, we have realized some prestigious projects such as LVMH, cité du vin, stade jean-bouin, laktha center…​

SADEV is at your disposal and accompanies you during all the processes of your project, until its realization so that it corresponds to your aesthetic expectations. ​

Our areas of expertise : ​

  • Tailor-made solution (SADEV CONSTRUCT): With a proactive and dedicated team, we put our technical skills and our design department at your service. We adapt our solutions to your specifications. We create the solution from your sketches. Our only limit, your imagination! ​
  • Building envelope (SADEV CLASSIC): we are able to carry out projects for transparent facade, renewable energy facade, double skin facade, sun breakers, point supported glass facade, ventilated facade, glass lift shafts, glass canopies, awnings and many others. ​
  • Glass railings (SABCO): SADEV with its SABCO solution offers you totally transparent and modular railing solutions for a perfect integration solution in your building. Customization is also an advantage of our system. The field of use of SABCO is not limited (office buildings, stadium stands, shopping centers, public buildings…), in conformity with the standards and certificates in force in the countries (ATEC, KOMO, ABP, EUROCODE…). ​
  • Interior design (SADEV DECOR): we create design solutions for the interior design of private homes, offices and ERP. ​
    Discover our solutions of all-glass partitions, hinges and hydraulic hinges for glass pivoting and sliding doors as well as shower walls and hinges, for all your interior design projects. ​
  • Glass pool fences (SWIMSIDE): our complete solution including the glass pool fencing and the gates, allows you to secure swimming pools both private and public. A transparent protection that is and customizable and meets safety standards. ​

We firmly believe that every architectural project is a unique work of art deserving a bespoke approach. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to work closely with you to understand your specific needs, creative ideas, and technical requirements. We are committed to designing customized solutions that surpass your expectations and reflect the uniqueness of your architectural vision.

Optimization is at the core of our philosophy. We place a special emphasis on efficiency, sustainability, and judicious use of resources in each of our projects. Through innovative construction practices and rigorous project management, we strive to optimize every aspect, from design to implementation, ensuring outstanding results while adhering to timelines and budgets.


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Tailor made solutions

Unique products for unique projects. We provide solutions tailored to your needs.

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Building envelopes

Facades are our core business, from cladding to project design.

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Frameless Glass balustrade

As the market leader in glass balustrades, we can provide you with solutions tailored to your projects.


Optimising energy performance with glass

We understand that well-designed glass façades can make a significant contribution to a building’s energy efficiency. As a result, we develop solutions that improve the energy and acoustic performance of buildings while maximising natural light.

Our Ethical Products

We are proud to offer ethical products that meet our customers’ needs while respecting the environment. Our choice of materials such as aluminium and glass is based on their recyclability. By favouring these materials, we are helping to reduce waste and preserve natural resources.