Light Glass connector

Adjustable Corner Joints to Connect Glass to a Wall or 2 Pieces of Glass Together - 90 and 180 Degree Angles - Good Value for Money


Small parts
Many applications: glass partition, front desk, etc.
Easy installation: many adjustments

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* Tailored products and solutions on demand

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Light Glass Connector

Glass connectors can be used for glass partitions, in offices, for reception desks, glass reception area, conservatory, to hold the transom in place, etc.
You can also use them for shower boxes.

The light connectors are often chosen for their attractive prices.
Some references can bear a weight up to 50 kg.

With this product, you’ll be able to connect a wall to glass or glass pannels together.
You can therefore create 90° or 180° partitions.

Easy installation : various adjustments available for each reference.
Sober design: most of the Light glass connectors have smaller dimensions than other glass connectors.
Most of the Light connectors are adapted for a glass thickness between 8 and 12 mm (standard).

Screws available for these parts: Ø 28 countersunk, Ø 30 cylindrical.
Brushed or glass bead finish (standard).

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SADEV is part of an international group, which has developed its activities all over the world.

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