Special parts for the glass building envelope – Louis Vuitton Fondation

75116 Paris, France


Inaugurated on October 27, 2014, the Louis Vuitton Foundation is an architectural feat.
The building has a floor area of 4,500 m², with 11,700 m² of usable space and offers nearly 3,500 m² of exhibition galleries, some of which are pierced by huge skylights.

SADEV fasteners were used in various trades: construction of glass panels for the building envelope, glass balustrades around the building, curved glass panels for the interior.

SADEV’s technical added value
Its design office in partnership with the company holding the market to optimise costs and the manufacture of stainless steel castings with complex geometry that hold the glass of the building envelope (CONSTRUCT solution). SADEV also brought its expertise in the follow-up, traceability and specific control of the parts.

Year of realisation2014
  • SADEV-Pieces-maintien-verre_Glass-special-parts-Fondation-Louis-Vuiton-LVMH-4
  • SADEV-Pieces-maintien-verre_Glass-special-parts-Fondation-Louis-Vuiton-LVMH-2
  • SADEV-Pieces-maintien-verre_Glass-special-parts-Fondation-Louis-Vuiton-LVMH-3
  • SADEV-Pieces-maintien-verre_Glass-special-parts-Fondation-Louis-Vuiton-LVMH-4
  • SADEV-Pieces-maintien-verre_Glass-special-parts-Fondation-Louis-Vuiton-LVMH-




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