Get a license and create designs and plans for any type of frameless glass balustrade system

Why design with our SABCO configurator?

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Save time and avoid mistakes


Optimisation of information


Creating a multitude of configurations


Complete product and lens plans

Software for engineers and technicians specialising in the creation of glass railing designs.
The integrated products represent our range of glass railings.

What can I do on the SABCO configurator?

Types of mounting


The SABCO Configurator allows you to create project plans for any of the usual types of assembly.
All calculations are automatically integrated into the software.


With the SABCO configurator you can create plans:

  • Linear
  • With any angle
  • With ramps
  • With curves
  • With great height


type de pose sabco
image projet configurateur garde corps

Cutting plans


Cutting plans for glass, rails and accessories are usually difficult to obtain.

The SABCO configurator optimises your guardrails and ensures that they are cut to the exact degree.

The plans of the glasses are integrated and easily modifiable through this drawing software.