S 3000P

Spider Fitting - Stainless Steel - Connection for Glass - Two Arms

  • Economical: no drilling & easy to install
  • Suitable for any type of glass composition
  • Innovative solution
  • Insulating glazing possible
Product code S 3000P
* Contact us for more information on certifications in your country
Stainless steel AISI 316
Dull polished GR400
Dimensions / Type
* Tailored products and solutions on demand
Glass tchickness
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Stainless steel clamp spider

The S3000P is the version 1 or 2 arms of the clamp spiders.

Thanks to a new fixing process, glass panels are supported even in cases of heavy applied loads.

Requires no glass drilling, allowing easy and quick installation. Parts are made out of 316 Stainless steel with a brushed finish (standard) allowing installation in both interior and exterior environments and nearly any condition.

Full product range (swivel fittings or 1 arm / 2 arms / 4 arms spiders) to meet the requests of all clamp façades projects

Spider Fitting - Stainless Steel - Connection for Glass - Two Arms Spider Fitting - Stainless Steel - Connection for Glass - Two Arms Spider Fitting - Stainless Steel - Connection for Glass - Two Arms


Suggested mounting

Mounting the spiders to the structure
If mounting directly to the structure anti-rotation pins are recommended to prevent the clamps from rotating. The diameter of the anti-rotation pins is 6 mm. Do not pre-drill the holes for the pins in your structure before mounting spiders. Drill bits and anti-rotation are provided.
An alternate attachment interface (Omega) is available. The Omega interface allows for vertical adjustment of the clamp fitting to account for tolerances in the drilling of the structural steel.
The fixing of the spider is done with a M12 (1/2 in.) Flat head screw (Not supplied by Sadev). A vertical slot in the structural steel for vertical adjustment is not recommended due to the high dead load weight of the glass.
Attaching the spider to the vertical fin or support is done with two M12 (1/2 in.) bolts (not supplied by Sadev).
S3200P / S3S4P75
The fixing of the single point clamp is done with one M12 bolts (Not supplied by Sadev).

Installing the glass
Mount the gravity shelf to the spider casting. Install the glass panel and secure with the external clamp plate using M6 screws provided. Torque both screws to 20 Nm (15 ft lbs) for monolithic glass and 10Nm (8 ft lbs) for laminated (PVB) glass.

SADEV recommends using thread locking compound, except in case of specific mounting constraints.

Spider Fitting - Stainless Steel - Connection for Glass - Two Arms

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SADEV is part of an international group, which has developed its activities all over the world.

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