The window railing that can be installed in 1 click

The french glass balcony

An aesthetic and safe solution

A quick and economic mounting

  • A pre-assembled kit for a quick installation whatever the configuration.
  • It can be installed by a single person from either inside or outside of the building.

A great performance on lighter glasses

Tested and approved for a glass thickness from [5.5] to [10.10] with a glass height from 500 to 2000 mm on laminated glass.

A classic and timeless design

  • Take advantage as much natural light as possible.
  • Compatible with a lot of structures (PVC, aluminium, wood or steel).
ROMEO CARE - photo villa

A ready to install solution

opc gb

An easy laying thanks to OPC system (Open Position Clip)

picto ouvirer

The installation is feasible by a single person

picto chrono

A pre-assembled kit for a time-saving mounting 

picto maison

Possible to install from the inside of the building in top or side mount

How about describing ROMEO CARE in three words?

ROMEO care Top mount

ROMEO care side mount

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