S 3000

Spider fitting -stainless steel AISI for point fixed architectural glass - technical evaluation - seismic option available - design


Excellent mechanical performance, suitable for very large glazings

  • Application: Double Skin Façade, glass curved facade, point fixed facade, curtain wall, solar shading, glass elevator, awnings, canopies, etc.
  • Fixing on all types of structures (metal, wood, glass…)
  • Excellent mechanical performance
  • Suitable for very large glass panes
  • Validated any seismic zone
  • Stainless steel 316
  • Tested and certified by technical evaluation (test report)
  • Quality and design
  • Compatible with our omega range (easy adjustment on the structure)
Product code S 3000
* Contact us for more information on certifications in your country
Stainless steel AISI 316L
Dull polished GR400
Dimensions / Type
* Tailored products and solutions on demand
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Spider glass system
This spider is the perfect match between design and quality.
Designed by the famous italian architect Cesare Monti, the S3000 spider’s curves suit perfectly with the modernity of glass façades.
Thanks to a great stainless steel 316 quality, the corrosion resistance is guaranteed.
This spider has remarkable mechanical performances (ultimate limite state higher than 400 kg for parallel and perpendicular loads to glass).

Glass facade, canopy, curtain wall, glass structures, awning, etc.
The best point fixed glass façade you’ll find on the market.
S3000 is included and has been tested and validated in many country around the world . Please contact our technical department for details of these certifications according to your country and project.

Many internationally renowned buildings have been constructed using this stapled outer glass system.

Spider fitting -stainless steel AISI for point fixed architectural glass - technical evaluation - seismic option available - rounded design


Spider fitting -stainless steel AISI for point fixed architectural glass - technical evaluation - seismic option available - rounded design


Suggested mounting instruction

The drilling diameter for the pins is 6 mm. Do not drill the holes for the pins in your structure before mounting the spiders. To fix the spider on your structure the “Omega” ( see accessories ) is highly reco mmended to adjust the spider’s position. The fixing of the spider is done with a M16 or a M12 bolt ( out of Sadev supply ).

This bolt shall not be fitted into a vertical slotted holes due to the risk of slipping ( under the weight ), the pins are not designed to hold any permanent loads ( cf. specification sheet ). The spider has to be positioned on a flat support. The slotted holes Ø 17×24 mm and free holes Ø 24 mm in the spider are not to be used to adjust the spider ! They are needed to absorb the manufacturing tolerances and the thermal deformation of the glass and of the structure. The spiders are standardized for M14 fittings ( FXR, FXV ) ; other diameters are available on request.

SADEV recommends using thread locking compound, except in case of specific mounting constraints.


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SADEV is part of an international group, which has developed its activities all over the world.

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