R 1003 A

Swivel fitting - rotule - for structural bolted glass - Non-Flush Cylindrical Head - insulated glass unit

  • Cylindrical head not flush with the glass
  • Swivel fitting for double or triple insulating glass panes
  • Stainless steel AISI 316
  • All glass thicknesses and compositions
  • Sealing strip and tools supplied by SADEV for sealing the glazing
  • Application: facade or glass roof photovoltaic panels, point fixed facade, curtain wall, solar shading, glass elevator, awnings, canopies, etc. (carried and hung)
  • Several diameters and axis lengths available.
  • High mechanical performance
  • 20° deflection + or – 20°.
  • Absorption of stresses and deformations of the glazing, therefore no stresses in the glass.
  • Standard assembly.
  • Customisation of finishes possible (colour, treatment, dimensions, etc.).
  • Swivel system with backlash recovery
Product code R 1003 A
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Swivel fitting
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